It’s been almost 20 years since our journey began. Back in 2004, founder Joe Mannion started Ocean Computers in San Diego County with the soul purpose to change the IT industry experience for small businesses. It was apparent that many PC users shared a common issue and this was that the IT professionals lacked the ability to connect with the everyday computer user. Joe Mannion set out to change this one area that ruled the industry and that was the genuine connection between human and machine. Joe has always put customers first and his track record has proven this claim.

It’s time for customer service to be put first. With good service comes success and prosperity. Not all can say this and really truly stand by it’s sole meaning.


I personally invite you to experience the difference Orca IT delivers to our customers everyday. No longer do you have to except the lazy no good IT department that’s always late, lacks the ability to communicate with you, and most importantly fails to project a professional appearance. Let’s create a lifelong business relationship today.


Joseph Mannion
CEO, President

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