All New Approach To Traditional IT

Chandler, Arizona, March 11, 2019

Anyone that has had any experience in an office is familiar with the saying “contact the IT department”. This is usually a recommendation that is met with frustration and anxiety because of how long it is sure to take in order to get your computer back up and running in order to get your work done. Welcome Orca IT Solutions, a company that is new to the valley, but definitely not new to the IT game. Started in 2004, Orca IT Solutions has been providing customers with exceptional customer service and innovative IT strategies for well over a decade.

Their services range from computer repair to custom servers, remote support, and even virus and spyware removal just to name a few. A complete list of services can be found at The difference, however, between Orca IT Solutions and your traditional IT department lies in the dependability and responsiveness shown by Orca CEO and Founder, Joe Mannion. Joe prides himself in creating a company that has redefined the IT experience by taking the time to connect with customers and not only fix their computer issues, but explain the process and help to prevent problems in the future.

“Great IT comes from those who are truly passionate and embrace technologies’ ever changing landscape” said Mannion. This manner of thinking is overwhelmingly evident at Orca IT Solutions, where customers can expect to be met with friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable employees that truly care about their clients. Whether you simply need help fixing your home computer or you’re looking for IT solutions to help streamline your business operations, Orca is the perfect fit for you. Arizona is lucky to have gained this innovative approach to an age-old industry. The next time your computer crashes, the “cloud” totally confuses you, or you want to reevaluate your businesses’ IT strategy; call Orca IT Solutions.

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