Data Management

Data Management


Our onsite backup solutions can create daily or hourly backups of your entire network using our business backup solutions. There are many options when choosing this rout and equipment, setup, and maintenance is always taken care of by our Managed IT Services. This option can replace the dreaded tape backup method.


As a partner with Rackspace, we can provide secure cloud based storage in either managed or unmanaged methods. There is no hardware to purchase and no onsite maintenance required to keep your cloud based storage in good health. Setup is very easy and the connection can be shared with multiple users on your network.


Using a secure encrypted connection, we are able to setup a scheduled backup to a device that is located at an offsite location of your choice. You can control where your backups are stored and access them at any time with ease. Hardware is required to be purchased for this method however, most business owner prefer this method so they have control of their data backups.

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